Clarity  Confidence Wellbeing

Maybe you’ve had a good life, but there is something missing.

Still feeling you could have a meaningful life but not sure how to get there.

Need more clarity to distinguish what is really important to focus on and what’s not. 

Or you need to identify: 

  • your emotional patterns to reach greater resilience and emotional intelligence 
  • limiting beliefs to overcome them so they become empowering ones 
  • behaviours that keep you stuck in order to change them into inspiring ones 
  • how to find inner strength and peace by understanding what is bothering you and why 
  • past baggage to release it and live your life to the fullest

By enjoying coaching sessions you will get great insights and practical tools to move past common challenges.

Unlock the freedom to live your best life

I have been coaching many people from different ages, gender and professions

Do you know what many had in common?

I challenge you today to discover who you really are
& how to live your best life.

And now, where to start?


Life Coaching Sessions will help you improve in several areas and levels of your own life:

  • Mental/Emotional
  • Relationships
  • Work/Personal

You will feel more clarity, confidence and balance to enjoy  leading your new life in a more conscious way. 

My Model is based on Coaching, NLP, and Leadership tools. 
After getting my Coaching Certification, I decided to deepen my NLP knowledge and I had the privilege to get trained from Frank Pucelik, one of NLP creators.
Finally, I decided to attend Women’s Leadership Development Program at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, to go further in that field. 

But it will take you less time to enjoy all this knowledge and training. 

Really … Why? 


Most importantly What for? 

You need it TO dare making that move that now you fear so much. 

TO dear asking for that promotion in the right manner.

TO feel more balanced and confident.   

TO manage those emotions that make you react and not feeling well. 

TO  communicate from a better place in your relationships. 

Your What for … is only yours. 

So …

Will I be able to get rid of this feeling I have right now and be able to manage new challenges?

Yes, and you will need to get involved in your process. 

You become responsible of your own growth. 

If you cannot dedicate time to yourself …. that is already a big sign, don’t you think?

Any other question?

Would you like to book a first session to identify what needs attention right now and how to improve it?

Let's meet for a short complimentary session to see how I can help.

You may lead your life or let others do it for you, your choice. 


Ángela G. Sánchez
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"Un proceso de trabajo con ella es contar éxito tras éxito, dándote siempre el empujoncito que necesitas para dar otro paso más en la dirección de tus proyectos. La recomiendo sin ninguna duda a quien desee pisar el acelerador hacia la vida que sueña"
Maravillas Fernández Sánchez
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Con Mercedes he descubierto el poder de las palabras y que hay que abrirse para sacar nuestros sufrimientos del día a día..."
Ingrid Roth
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"Mercedes me llevó de la mano y con mucho discernimiento, compasión, su conocimiento e intuición, me ayudó a darme cuenta de muchos de mis miedos y bloqueos que no me estaban permitiendo ...".

Soy Mercedes Caballer, mentora de vida

Trabajo bajo el agua, en un lugar donde hace mucho frío. Concretamente, en la base de un iceberg. Allí observo todo aquello que tú no ves: los patrones mentales y emocionales que hay detrás de tus palabras, tus gestos, tu lenguaje no verbal… Todo eso que me habla de tus creencias, tus valores, y tus motivaciones. Y sí, las creencias pueden ser potenciadoras o limitantes.

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